Practical Magic for the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is upon us, bringing with it the delicious darkness of internal healing and shadow work along with the corresponding lovely lightness of festivities and merriment. This period of deep introspection and reflection is an essential part of nourishing and understanding ourselves. It prepares us to let go of what no longer serves… Continue reading Practical Magic for the Winter Solstice

The Magic of Nettle

One of the most misunderstood plants of all time, nettle actually has a plethora of nutritional and magical properties. Packed with iron, vitamin C, and amino acids, nettle is the perfect way to get the nutrients you need this winter. Nettle Tonic Recipe 2 handfuls nettles 4 apples, roughly chopped 1/2 lemon roughly chopped (peel… Continue reading The Magic of Nettle