How to Use Meditation to Improve Your Craft

So, you’re taking the plunge into witchcraft. Amazing! One of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

But before you start filling your virtual carts with candles, books, herbs, and crystals it’s important to know that you already possess your most powerful and valuable tool.

Your mind.

Harnessing the power of the mind is not a particularly easy task so it is tempting to bypass that stage. After all, sitting quietly while your mind races through a million things you haven’t done yet doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. Living in the age of technology has made instant gratification the norm, so the value of living in the moment is lost.

But it is only through clearing the mind, improving focus and clarity of vision and holding specific intent that positive results can be achieved in your craft.

This is why meditation is so important.

There’s more to magick than throwing around some herbs and lighting a few candles. It’s your intent that makes it work. It’s your ability to go into the Alpha state (a light trance) and it’s your ability to ignore certain thoughts and emotions as you cast your spell.

Meditation helps you to hone all of these abilities so that you can focus your will and intent like a powerful laser beam. The more focused you are, the more powerful the results.

How it’s done

Everyone is different, so there are no fixed rules as to how to meditate, but there are some pointers that can help you on your way.

Some witches like to sit, either in nature or a quiet space indoors. Perhaps holding a tarot card or crystal to help the focus. Eyes closed, concentrating on the breath.

Whether you play guided meditations, music or soundscapes is up to you. River, ocean, and rain sounds are perfect for water witches, while forest witches might prefer to listen to a woodland soundscape. YouTube and the Insight Timer app have a plethora of amazing tracks to listen to as you meditate.

Some witches prefer to use movement in their meditation. This usually involves listening to music as you perform an ecstatic dance or getting into a state of flow with a prop such as poi or a hoop. The more you move and pay attention to your body, the clearer your mind becomes, enabling you to practice your focus and state of consciousness.

Some witches like to journal. Usually, this involves writing a stream of consciousness, simply putting one word after another without giving them much thought. This kind of meditation can be very revealing.

Whichever method you choose, remember to practice often.

The more time you spend in meditation, the more focused your mind will be when you cast spells. The more focused the mind, the better the results.

Happy meditating!