The Urban Witchery Plannoire

Getting organised can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially if you are a witch and you have a gazillion things you need to remember. When life is crazy busy it’s super easy to forget when the full moon is or that there is a sabbat coming up.

This is why the Urban Witchery Plannoire is a stroke of genius!

Not only is a fully functional diary but it covers just about everything the modern witch needs to stay on track with their practice and, as the cover says, make magic happen.


Filled with detailed information about astrological events, lunar phases, eclipses, and retrogrades for 2019 as well as yoga poses and tarot spreads for each sabbat, this Plannoire is perfect in every way.

The care and attention to detail that has gone into its creation is nothing short of magical. From the gorgeous packaging (seriously, I have never received something so beautifully packaged – even the envelope was amazing) to the very cool added extras (stickers are always a plus in my book), I am so pleased Katie created this amazing diary.

I can already feel the magic happening in 2019!