New Moon Ritual

The new moon is upon us which means that now is a good time to focus on resting and preparing for the coming weeks.

Of all of the moon phases, the full and new moons are the most charged. While full moons are perfect for celebration and gratitude, new moons bring a darker energy and encourage us to look inward.

This phase is perfect for letting go of what no longer serves you along with planting seeds of your intentions.

As the new moon is such a good time to release negativity, a good way to begin a ritual is to take a cleansing bath. Create your own blend of salts and herbs to add to your bath, light some candles, and focus your attention on the cleansing properties of the water. When you are finished, pull the plug and stay in the bath as the water drains away, visualising anything that you are letting go of draining away with the water.

To begin your ritual, cleanse the space with the method you prefer. Some like to light sage or incense while others use a spray or a visualisation technique. Every practice is different so it is completely up to you.

As this is a time for birthing desires and intentions, light a coloured candle that reflects what you are hoping to achieve. Blue for health, red for strength, yellow for prosperity and so on.

Then spend some time grounding yourself. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine that you have roots extending down, all the way to the centre of the Earth. Visualise the warm red energy of the Earth’s core travelling up through the roots, filling you with rosy light.

Meditate on your intention, open your eyes and say your affirmation out loud. This can be something as simple as “I can do it” or something more in depth like “All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. Intuition is always on my side.”

Write your affirmation onto a bay leaf and burn it using the flame from your coloured candle. Repeat this process with as many intentions as you wish.

End your ritual by visualising your roots retracting back from the Earth’s core, and your energy centering itself within you.

It is a good idea to track the progress of your intentions over the coming month by keeping a journal or diary of their progress. Note anything that has come to fruition and remove it from your list of intentions, perhaps putting it into a separate journal dedicated to manifestations. On the next new moon, repeat the ritual and reaffirm the intentions that are yet to materialise.